Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Tip #7

Camera Dazzling: Modern cameras pick up UV and IR light as easily as visible spectrums, but the sources aren't as bright so you rarley see this effect. You can use it, however, to blind a camera by putting and array of IR or UV lights around or near something you don't wish to be recorded. This works on both digital and analog cameras, including security cams and traffic cams. You cannot buy a Dazzler that I am aware of, but a series of LED's in series with a small battery should work without any trouble.
Also worth noting: When use of this technology ramps up, they'll just start filtering the lenses, so don't count on having this one for the Revolution or anything.


  1. LED will eventually be linked to cancer or some bullshit to make room for the next backlight technology haha

  2. yeah, i was actually thinking about that before i posted this. lol